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My DIY Masterpieces

The beads:

The napkin rings:

The vases:



The beaded mason jar experiment:

Yay! I had a lot of fun doing these. I’ve made about 25 of the napkin rings so far and my hands hurt. I’ll post more photos as I continue, but I believe I have found my centerpieces!


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Website VS Travel Newsletter

Save the Dates almost DONE. Now I need to update the website people will go to after receiving thier save the dates. Do you think it’s okay to only give info on the website or do we need to do a newsletter type thing like a lot of other brides on have done for their destination wedding? I don’t know. I think all of the folk we are inviting have access to a computer and are fairly internet savvy.
I don’t want the extra cost/headache of putting something together.

Is the website enough?

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I have not posted in a few days due to dental PAIN and getting my save the dates yesterday. I hand wrote the addresses on most of them last night, have just a few more to do and am contemplating cutting my hand off. My handwriting itself went from very nice to blah in about 10 envelopes. Maybe tonight will be better. As for the quality of my Wedding Paper Divas save the dates… I wish that the ink didn’t look so computer-y (is that a word) but for the price, they are very nice. Honestly though, if I had had the time, I could have done em better. So I am contemplating DIY’ing our invites; we need to cut back on spending for the wedding and that’s an easy couple hundred, whereas I could purchase paper and use my printer to achieve almost the same affect for chump change and my time. My time, which seems to be slipping away from me may be better spent doing other wedding stuff, but I’m not sure if I can justify paying for cut cardstock and a computer printer no matter how nice the design is.

I’m also DIY’ing our centerpieces as you know from my last post. I picked up a bunch of fish gravel for some vases I purchased at the thrift store and wasn’t too happy with the look. While browsing at Michael’s I found a book of wedding crafts and peeked at it, finding an idea for napkin rings I have almost finished. It involved tools I already owned (wire cutters and some other wire bending apparatus) and was really fun to do. I will post a picture when I get time to upload from my camera. Having that almost done is encouraging and I came up with an idea to use the same concept for our centerpieces. I tested three of them and I’m really happy with the way it came out, so we will see what I can pull off in less than four months. It will save a LOT of money to do these myself even if I have to ship them on island.

We also booked our photographer off of craigslist. She’s based in Portland and was having a destination wedding sale. Her photos have a very editoral look which is what Ok and I wanted and we are really excited to be working with her. She’s been published in a variety of places and is only charging for one night hotel. Her price beats some of the photogs on island and her experience and the quality of work is much higher, in my opinion.

Today I need to contact the caterer and work on group hotel rates for the guests. I don’t think the group rates will mean much considering it is the off-season and everything is ridiculously cheap for St Thomas– I mean these prices more than double in December. We will try to get everyone to stay on one side of the island, the BEST side, my side, the East End.

And with memories of Hi Ho Market on Smith Bay Road in my head, I’m off to work to save the world.

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cheat sheet for centerpieces (yes i am obsessed)


“I made my own (25 for about $100). My Mom found glass goblets at the dollar store, we put fish tank rocks in the bottom, a candle (in holder) on top, and surrounded the candle with glass stones. We’re going to put one goblet on a mirror (the reception site had these) and put some confetti on the mirror also. It’s VERY pretty! Hope this helps!”

I really like [part of] this idea! Super colorful fish rocks with stark white candles? It’s the stuff Megan’s dreams are made of. I saw a similar idea using coffee beans the other day on some blog– one of a million I am currently reading now that I have retired from photographer hunting this evening (still no luck). The bride got a large glass bowl, filled it with coffee beans, added glass candle holders with white votives and voila, a beautiful centerpiece for $2, thrift store run required.

I really want to get all the centerpiece/tablesettings done because that will dictate all of the other decorations. One of the good things about Villa Botanica is that it doesn’t need a lot of manipulation. There’s so much natural beauty that it doesn’t need to be overdone but I’m obsessive and I know how I want things to look.

Speaking of simple decorations:

My concern here is transportation. How to get a million cheapie Ikea candles to St Thomas without them melting?

Off to look for favors now!

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Wedding Photography

I’m sad.

I’ve been doing some research on booking a photographer and as of right now, I’m coming up short. I want an amazing photographer for a Wal-Mart Photo Center price. And it’s not happening. I greatly underestimated the cost for wedding photos.

So, I’m sad.

I have, however, come across some insanely gorgeous pictures. So many that every crappy site I see for St Thomas photographers makes me want to throw my computer on the floor.

Here are some crazy talented photogs:

Sol Tamargo

Story By Photo

I’m gonna go crawl into a hole now.

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The Knot’s To Do List (for THIS month only)

Oh, God. I’m scared.

This is what you are s’posed to have done by four month mark. My four month mark has come and gone.


Decide on a budget and hash out who’s contributing.
Knot Hint: For a quick and easy way to determine a budget, use The Knot Budgeter.
Pick your preferences for a wedding date and time, and finalize after okaying with important guests, location, or officiant.
Start interviewing caterers.
Start looking for an officiant who suits your style and spirit.
Choose a color scheme, if you so desire, taking into account the decor of the rooms/areas you have reserved for your ceremony and reception.
Decide on a caterer. Hash out a rough price per head and begin working on a menu.
Finalize the guest list.
Knot hint: When you’re done, make your life easy by entering everything into the Guest List Manager.
Start investigating any ethnic customs or cultural traditions you might want to incorporate into your ceremony or reception.
Sign your caterer contract and send in a deposit.
If you’ve chosen an outdoor ceremony or reception site, look into tent and lighting rentals.
Set up appointments with various florists to discuss options.
Decide on and meet with your officiant to discuss ceremony structure and any religious requirements (such as counseling).
Interview and get price lists from several photographers and videographers.
Knot Hint: Talk to your photographer about posting your photos using The Knot Photo Album so you can see your photos online and share them with friends.
If you plan to use frequent flyer miles to travel to your honeymoon destination, book your flight now.
Start looking into registering for gifts.
Knot Hint: Register from the comfort of your keyboard at The Knot Gift Registry.
Think about how you might want to wear your hair.
Reserve photographer and/or videographer, decide on a package, sign contract, and send deposit.
Knot Hint: Register your photographer with The Knot Photo Album.
Begin looking for a baker to make your big-day cake. Your caterer is the best source for leads.
Choose your florist and send a deposit to reserve their services.
Register for your wedding gifts, and don’t forget to include some choices appropriate for your upcoming bridal shower or engagement party as well.
Set aside blocks of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.
Book a baker, choose your wedding cake design, and send a deposit.
Brides: Order your gown. Make sure you’ve asked all the critical questions and your order contains the correct information.
Start planning the rehearsal dinner. Provide the host with contact information for your attendants and any other guests.
Finalize your invitation wording.
Finalize menu and service details with caterer.
Order your invitations and announcements (don’t forget plenty of extra envelopes).
Start thinking about flower arrangement styles you like, and figure out what flowers will be in season on your wedding day.
Decide on a floral scheme, choose flowers, and negotiate prices with florist. Be sure to sign a contract outlining what you agreed upon.
Grooms: Decide what style of formalwear you will be wearing.
Reserve tables, chairs, and/or other rental equipment you’ll need (unless caterer or site is taking care of it).
Grooms: Start looking to buy or rent tux, suit, or other formal attire.
Book rehearsal-dinner site.
Compile packages for out-of-town guests with hotel reservation and city information, and mail them out.
Book hotel room for your wedding night.
Book your honeymoon flights (if not using frequent flyer miles) and make all your other travel reservations.
If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to do so before any upcoming prewedding parties.
Knot Hint: At least get a few items on your list. See the selection at The Knot Gift Registry.
Brides: Experiment with your beauty routine, self-tanners, and facials.
Consider specific ceremony and reception decoration needs like a huppah, aisle runner, etc.
Shop for and purchase wedding bands.

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super modern wedding

I love this idea. Does anyone know what those balls of flowers are called? I’d like to toss some in the pool. Speaking of the pool, I am still not sure which area of this massive villa we are going to use for the ceremony. There’s a pool, there’s gardens, there’s a great lawn, there’s a veranda, there’s a bridge, there’s tons of places! I think the pool idea is best because of the view it offers downtown. And I could DIY the pictured flower balls using foam and silk flowers? Zazzles, wanna head down to Michael’s and test it out for me?

Anyways, the pic:

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