found a bakery!

well a new bakery on island
it’s strange
i’ve been reading abt st thomas so much throughout the last week
new restaurants have popped up
new places are popular
i’m gonna have to do my research for the dinner now
because places i thought were still there may now not be
it makes me feel funny
i know things don’t stay stagnant just because MEGAN isn’t there
but it’s the same when i hear abt new things in milwaukee
i’m like– how did that spring up?
cld i have used that idea/location for MY restaurant?
i’m so self-centered hahaha
anyways this is the bakery
its on compass point road
and where that is, i don’t know
since when did people on st thomas list their addresses?
what happened to ‘right down the street from the pueblo in sub-base’ or ‘a left by the tree with the mailboxes’ ??

i’ll get over myself now, thanks

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  1. Rachel said

    Hey bride!

    This is all VERY exciting. Your ideas are fabulous — your taste equisite. I will visit regularly – and can’t wait til try the bakery.

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