There are so many dresses out there and I end up going back to the ones I loved back in September when Ok first proposed. One is available in my size on ebay for half off it’s usual price. There are some scary thoughts here, of course. It says my size, but who knows? I have never purchased anything off of ebay before and am not sure I feel all that good about doing so. But a Nicole Miller gown half-off is going to be hard to come by. Not to mention that I don’t really want to do the whole wedding dress boutique shopping thing alone and that is my only choice since I have no friends here in the Bay Area. I figure buying online may save me a lot of heartache but will also be risky in terms of fit. I mean, I’ve gotten shoes online that I hated in real life! So is buying a wedding dress on ebay really the brightest thing in the world? I have until the 19th to decide, since that is when the auction expires. I’ll just shut up and post the dress:

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