dress shopping: the first and final day?

Packed my purse with a bottle of water, trail mix, my camera and a baseball cap in case my new short(er) hair got all messed up. Got on the 280 and headed to San Francisco.

Our first stop was at a cute shop called ‘And Something Blue’ in Pacific Heights. I had called them yesterday (yes, I know I shouldn’t have written ‘had called’, Dad) to make sure they had at least one of the Nicole Miller dresses I had been looking for. One was in stock.

Of course I went straight here after the phone call and typed in their name to make sure I wasn’t walking into a pit of bridal hell. The reviews were pretty bad– mostly about snobby teenage salesgirls who gabbed on the phone the whole time they were there. But I had aleady made the appointment and I was having a hard enough time finding stores that carry NM gowns so I was good to go.

Ok and I walked in 15 minutes late (but I called, like the Good Girl I am) and were greeted immediately by Tiara (yes, her name was Tiara and she was not a drag queen). She showed us to the exact dress I wanted and Ok and I tucked ourselves into the fitting room. I was all expecting one of these broads to come in with me so I wore my best underthings, but alas, it was just me and the Mister. 😦

I loved the dress right away. I would gush and gush but I figure the pictures will do it a better bit of justice than I right now:



The dress is made of ‘metal taffeta’ and had a super crinkly texture. It’s kind of a dark white and gives me cleavage! I’m not sure how I feel about the back of the dress, which has an odd tent like thing going on but I still love it. I asked about the length because I’m not sure what kind of shoes I will be wearing– they said it can only be adjusted by a seamstress since eash dress is not made to order. For the price they want + a very big alteration, I’m not sure if it is the way to go, but it was still a very nice dress for my first try.

On to ‘Starlet,’ a boutique on Fillmore right down the street from our favorite brunch place. I found this place on accident while looking for bridal shops in Pacific Heights to stop in while we were in the neighborhood. This was a bit more upscale than the previous shop, and the woman behind the counter was busy when we walked in. All I saw was poufiness at first and I was a bit worried that this would not be the store for me. And then…….. I saw her. The dress. It was hanging by itself on a post in the store and the minute I saw the stitching I knew I had to have it. The saleswoman came up to us and I showed her which one I liked. She suggested the ‘full’ version of this one and I balked. I did not want full. But I said I’d try it anyways. Here is the first dress:


I loved it– even the sample size fit well. I couldn’t get it zipped, but it fit. So, on to the ‘full’ size. I was hesitant. How could Megan, me, myself, I, like a ‘full’ gown? Well, see for yourself:
Notice the stitching on the sides. This is why I loved the dress right away. The biggest difference between the two is the hourglass shape the second gown alludes to with the different tiers.


The back is poufier which I actually really like. And it will be pinned up after the ceremony.


I am a very happy camper:

Ok was pretty happy also, in this shot I took at Elite Cafe where we went for burgers after the long day:


And that is my first dress day. It may possibly be my last. I really fell in love with the third dress of the day. The buttons on the back were something Mama Okun had mentioned back in September and here I found a gorgeous dress with those. The price is right too. The dress takes three and a half months to make, so if I want it, I have to order this week. I’ll keep you updated! Leave me some comments on which one you liked!


  1. Mama Okun said

    Dear Megan,

    Of the dresses in the photographs, I like the last one best. Needless to say, I love the buttons down the back — very elegant! Also, judging from the photographs, it seems to fit you best. If YOU like it, if it fits well and comfortably, and if the price is right, buy it!

    I agree with you — I’d be a bit worried about buying a wedding dress over the Internet. You want to be able to try on your wedding dress, and you want to see it “in person” in order to check on the details. Maybe you could take a half day off to look around a bit more, if you’re not 100% sure about the strapless dress.

    Good luck!

    Mama Okun

  2. zizzles said

    I changed my mind…I think that I like the second one best now. I didn’t look at the front well while at work and I don’t like the dip on the first one.

    Yay, for finding something!

  3. Javi said

    OMG! yesterday was really weird. I felt like an outsider at that place..I took a shower when I got home! The lights were sooo bright I felt color-blind when we got out buttttt…I’m in love with the 3rd dress on the main page….its sooo sooo cute and you look soo pretty and it really shows your figure. Its the one! I would be glad to help you out picking anything else you need. See you at work.!

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