an ikea wedding

You’d think that googling ‘ikea wedding’ in 2007 would come up with something useful.

It doesn’t.

I got to thinking about googling just that last night while tossing and turning. I’ve been trying to come up with a budget friendly way to copy this table setting for the wedding. We’re only having five tables, so I figure if I can keep it to $20 a centerpiece (not including flowers) than I’m okay. And Ikea seems the simplest way to do it for a few reasons.

1. Ikea is budget friendly.
2. Ikea fosters independent design and gives a slew of choices for tablesettings.
3. Ikea is down the street from my house.
4. Ikea is budget friendly.
5. See all pictures below…




These tealight holders are only 99 cents!




I don’t know what these are, but I like ’em.



As you can see, Ikea has a gillion things to choose from and I will be stopping by tomorrow afternoon to take my time and arrange some items together for centerpieces.

I’m wavering on my color choices lately, too. The more things I see, the more I just want to do bright colors– this is possibly to justify wearing bright red espadrilles under my wedding dress, but also because I want the occasion to be very loud, bright, happy, fun, exuberant, modern, joyful and exciting. Color is a good way to do that.

The Colorful Wedding. By Yours Truly.


  1. madelyn said

    i think colorful is a wonderful idea….the wedding is in the islands…the colors that i have seen you pick out are bright but also warm and fun and romantic…go for it!!!!!

  2. Sarah said

    I agree with Madelyn. But I don’t like the weird, snowflake-looking things in the middle of all the pictures…

    Otherwise, I love all the colorful ‘pretties’ you have picked out.

  3. Becca said

    They’re called pomanders =)

  4. Anonymous said

    I think the tree-shaped things you liked but didn’t know what was is meant to hold your necklaces and other jewellry for storage. Would look cute as a centerpiece though, with some kind of fresh leaves hanging on the branches

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