super modern wedding

I love this idea. Does anyone know what those balls of flowers are called? I’d like to toss some in the pool. Speaking of the pool, I am still not sure which area of this massive villa we are going to use for the ceremony. There’s a pool, there’s gardens, there’s a great lawn, there’s a veranda, there’s a bridge, there’s tons of places! I think the pool idea is best because of the view it offers downtown. And I could DIY the pictured flower balls using foam and silk flowers? Zazzles, wanna head down to Michael’s and test it out for me?

Anyways, the pic:



  1. Hmm, I have seen them somewhere before but can’t rember there name.

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  3. Ashleigh said

    Love it love it love it…I wish my location didnt have set chairs and a white aisle runner.

  4. Roy78 said

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  5. Settor57 said

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  6. chalee ehas said

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