cheat sheet for centerpieces (yes i am obsessed)


“I made my own (25 for about $100). My Mom found glass goblets at the dollar store, we put fish tank rocks in the bottom, a candle (in holder) on top, and surrounded the candle with glass stones. We’re going to put one goblet on a mirror (the reception site had these) and put some confetti on the mirror also. It’s VERY pretty! Hope this helps!”

I really like [part of] this idea! Super colorful fish rocks with stark white candles? It’s the stuff Megan’s dreams are made of. I saw a similar idea using coffee beans the other day on some blog– one of a million I am currently reading now that I have retired from photographer hunting this evening (still no luck). The bride got a large glass bowl, filled it with coffee beans, added glass candle holders with white votives and voila, a beautiful centerpiece for $2, thrift store run required.

I really want to get all the centerpiece/tablesettings done because that will dictate all of the other decorations. One of the good things about Villa Botanica is that it doesn’t need a lot of manipulation. There’s so much natural beauty that it doesn’t need to be overdone but I’m obsessive and I know how I want things to look.

Speaking of simple decorations:

My concern here is transportation. How to get a million cheapie Ikea candles to St Thomas without them melting?

Off to look for favors now!

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  1. jackie said


    I am getting married in St. John next year, and was wandering how you managed to get your wedding decor to St. Thomas.

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