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im married now!

i'm married now!

Thank you for checking out my blog! ¬†I started this in 2007 while planning for my own wedding. ¬†Everything turned out wonderful and when I checked this blog for the first time in a year, I was shocked by how many people continue to use it as a resource, especially the DIY Escort Cards post. I was even featured on Real Simple’s Simply Stated blog! Needless to say, I was really happy and I hope you can take at least something away from this small little blog.

I have decided to start a new blog to showcase some of my new passions. I still plan to do tutorials for a lot of DIY’ing, including some recent invitations I did for a friend who is getting married in December. Please check back often at Urban Casita and don’t hesitate to conact me at if you need help on any of the projects I have listed here or on Urban Casita. Thanks for reading!


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