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DIY Embossed Escort Cards!

I did my escort cards today!
Total Time Spent: 2 hours
Cost: $35.00

Ok and I drove to Berkeley this morning to go to Paper Source because I brilliantly decided I wanted to do my own invitations at midnight last night, after poring over websites looking for a company who could do what I wanted on my shoestring budget (White Aisle and Wedding Paper Divas do beautiful and affordable work, just not what I wanted). I found none and thought I may as well give it a go myself.

We found a design we liked in the wedding catalog and to make it easier on ourselves, basically copied the whole thing. Our wedding invites should take me about a week and all of the supplies, including RSVP inserts with their owen envelopes cost us $83.00.

Rachel at Paper Source was a HUGE help. She knew I wanted to use stamps and hipped me to embossing machines. Basically you stamp your image onto your surface, pour some embossing powder on it, shake off the excess and wave your magic embosser wand over it. This is the cool machine I got:


It costs around $20 and is available here. I always wanted to learn to emboss but thought it was much more involved and messy than it actually is. I think I’m addicted already.

I finished my escort cards tonight and used my new tool to do it. Now that I am doing my own invites, programs, menus, escort cards, table numbers and nameplates for the table, I can tie it all together with my own designs and be sure that everything matches, AND looks exactly as I want it to.

Here are my embossed stamped escort cards:



I will fill a tray with sand and use that to hold up the cards, like so:

I took this off a knottie’s page and should give credit. I’ll find out where I got it from soon.

This is the tray I am going to use:

And that is my exciting new for this evening.


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Non-Floral Aisle Decoration

These look great for a non-floral aisle decoration. Light green glass, they also go well with out color scheme and only cost $8 a pop. I figure we can use them to highlight the edges of the aisle instead of a fabric aisle runner. Add that to the programs we will lay on the chairs and this part of decoration is seemingly over.


Available at Pier 1.

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cheat sheet for centerpieces (yes i am obsessed)


“I made my own (25 for about $100). My Mom found glass goblets at the dollar store, we put fish tank rocks in the bottom, a candle (in holder) on top, and surrounded the candle with glass stones. We’re going to put one goblet on a mirror (the reception site had these) and put some confetti on the mirror also. It’s VERY pretty! Hope this helps!”

I really like [part of] this idea! Super colorful fish rocks with stark white candles? It’s the stuff Megan’s dreams are made of. I saw a similar idea using coffee beans the other day on some blog– one of a million I am currently reading now that I have retired from photographer hunting this evening (still no luck). The bride got a large glass bowl, filled it with coffee beans, added glass candle holders with white votives and voila, a beautiful centerpiece for $2, thrift store run required.

I really want to get all the centerpiece/tablesettings done because that will dictate all of the other decorations. One of the good things about Villa Botanica is that it doesn’t need a lot of manipulation. There’s so much natural beauty that it doesn’t need to be overdone but I’m obsessive and I know how I want things to look.

Speaking of simple decorations:

My concern here is transportation. How to get a million cheapie Ikea candles to St Thomas without them melting?

Off to look for favors now!

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super modern wedding

I love this idea. Does anyone know what those balls of flowers are called? I’d like to toss some in the pool. Speaking of the pool, I am still not sure which area of this massive villa we are going to use for the ceremony. There’s a pool, there’s gardens, there’s a great lawn, there’s a veranda, there’s a bridge, there’s tons of places! I think the pool idea is best because of the view it offers downtown. And I could DIY the pictured flower balls using foam and silk flowers? Zazzles, wanna head down to Michael’s and test it out for me?

Anyways, the pic:

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cute favor idea


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an ikea wedding

You’d think that googling ‘ikea wedding’ in 2007 would come up with something useful.

It doesn’t.

I got to thinking about googling just that last night while tossing and turning. I’ve been trying to come up with a budget friendly way to copy this table setting for the wedding. We’re only having five tables, so I figure if I can keep it to $20 a centerpiece (not including flowers) than I’m okay. And Ikea seems the simplest way to do it for a few reasons.

1. Ikea is budget friendly.
2. Ikea fosters independent design and gives a slew of choices for tablesettings.
3. Ikea is down the street from my house.
4. Ikea is budget friendly.
5. See all pictures below…




These tealight holders are only 99 cents!




I don’t know what these are, but I like ’em.



As you can see, Ikea has a gillion things to choose from and I will be stopping by tomorrow afternoon to take my time and arrange some items together for centerpieces.

I’m wavering on my color choices lately, too. The more things I see, the more I just want to do bright colors– this is possibly to justify wearing bright red espadrilles under my wedding dress, but also because I want the occasion to be very loud, bright, happy, fun, exuberant, modern, joyful and exciting. Color is a good way to do that.

The Colorful Wedding. By Yours Truly.

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