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How-To: DIY Embossed Escort Cards


pre-cut business card printer paper
font you like (i chose porcelain)
stamp you like
embossing powder (white in my case, used with orange ink– white almost always looks better than the colored powder when you use colored ink, which i think is better than using the clear embossing only ink)
embossing tool

Use the business card template advertised on the package of business card paper.  It should be available for a free download, or already in your MS Word Template list.
Center the names.
Stamp wherever you would like on the card with colored ink.
Shake the embossing powder over the ink>
Remove excess.
Place the embossing tool over the powder, far enough away that it does not burn your hands.
I liked to stamp a bunch at once and then emboss a bunch at once.  

It really is very easy– the sand part is  that I never used my cards because we had a hurricane and I had to get married a day early and none of the preparations went exactly as planned!  I’ll save that for another day as this is my first post in over a year… Hope this info helps!


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updates: new centerpieces & some other stuff

wedding countdown: 10 days

you too can make your centerpieces for under $10 a table– with a flower!

check em out:




flower: pier 1
placecards: paper source
candles: ikea
flower petals: ikea
vase: ikea ($1.50!)

sorry the pics are so small, i’m having tech difficulties.

more soon!

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DIY Embossed Escort Cards!

I did my escort cards today!
Total Time Spent: 2 hours
Cost: $35.00

Ok and I drove to Berkeley this morning to go to Paper Source because I brilliantly decided I wanted to do my own invitations at midnight last night, after poring over websites looking for a company who could do what I wanted on my shoestring budget (White Aisle and Wedding Paper Divas do beautiful and affordable work, just not what I wanted). I found none and thought I may as well give it a go myself.

We found a design we liked in the wedding catalog and to make it easier on ourselves, basically copied the whole thing. Our wedding invites should take me about a week and all of the supplies, including RSVP inserts with their owen envelopes cost us $83.00.

Rachel at Paper Source was a HUGE help. She knew I wanted to use stamps and hipped me to embossing machines. Basically you stamp your image onto your surface, pour some embossing powder on it, shake off the excess and wave your magic embosser wand over it. This is the cool machine I got:


It costs around $20 and is available here. I always wanted to learn to emboss but thought it was much more involved and messy than it actually is. I think I’m addicted already.

I finished my escort cards tonight and used my new tool to do it. Now that I am doing my own invites, programs, menus, escort cards, table numbers and nameplates for the table, I can tie it all together with my own designs and be sure that everything matches, AND looks exactly as I want it to.

Here are my embossed stamped escort cards:



I will fill a tray with sand and use that to hold up the cards, like so:

I took this off a knottie’s page and should give credit. I’ll find out where I got it from soon.

This is the tray I am going to use:

And that is my exciting new for this evening.

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My DIY Masterpieces

The beads:

The napkin rings:

The vases:



The beaded mason jar experiment:

Yay! I had a lot of fun doing these. I’ve made about 25 of the napkin rings so far and my hands hurt. I’ll post more photos as I continue, but I believe I have found my centerpieces!

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