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Wedding Photography

I’m sad.

I’ve been doing some research on booking a photographer and as of right now, I’m coming up short. I want an amazing photographer for a Wal-Mart Photo Center price. And it’s not happening. I greatly underestimated the cost for wedding photos.

So, I’m sad.

I have, however, come across some insanely gorgeous pictures. So many that every crappy site I see for St Thomas photographers makes me want to throw my computer on the floor.

Here are some crazy talented photogs:

Sol Tamargo

Story By Photo

I’m gonna go crawl into a hole now.


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coulda, woulda, shoulda

Javi and I went to The Unique Bride this evening. I read online that they were having a sample sale and I thought I’d kick myself if I didn’t at least stop by and see what a sample sale was like. I could think of a lot better ways to spend my time. There were a million dresses on the racks when we walked in. I filled out a little form and was told that my consultant would be with us shortly. In this time Javi and I were able to pick out about 6 gowns, most of them filthy along the zipper. Other than that they were in decent shape. The lowest priced was $599 and the highest, $1100. $1100 for a dress I’d have to get professionally deep cleaned and altered? I should have stopped then.

The consultant finally done, we’re escorted into our ‘room.’ It was outfitted with a pedestal, a big mirror, a bench and oppressive flourescent lighting.  Wedding dresses, under flourescent lights. We should have run out as fast as possible.

I told the consultant that I’d like to be left alone with Javi because I was modest. And Catholic. She balked a bit but nodded and closed the door. Poor Javi! She had to help me into dirty overpriced dresses under terribly bright lighting (Javi and I work in the same office and we NEVER turn on the light, so I know both of us were uncomfortable).

And as it turned out, all of the dresses were all blah. Not one of them compared to any of yesterdays. And I walked out of that shop with all my flaws under that lighting stamped into my brain.  This was the experience I thought I was going to have yesterday and was so happy to have avoided that I walked into The Unique Bride with my guard down. I should have known!

I will be placing a phone call to the second shop I visited yesterday. And that is the end of shopping for a wedding dress.

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