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updates: new centerpieces & some other stuff

wedding countdown: 10 days

you too can make your centerpieces for under $10 a table– with a flower!

check em out:




flower: pier 1
placecards: paper source
candles: ikea
flower petals: ikea
vase: ikea ($1.50!)

sorry the pics are so small, i’m having tech difficulties.

more soon!


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The Centerpiece Trials

Okay, I admit it. I am obsessed with finding the perfect centerpiece. Something has cracked in my brain and made me crazy. I went back to Ikea only this time, with this simple, stunning book on wedding design. It has been the best purchase I have made so far, and it helped me realize what’s important in a centerpiece: simplicity.

I present to you, Centerpiece One of my new trials:






The green platter came from Ikea– I got 10 to be on the safe side. $2.99/each. The flower petals in the vase also from Ikea. $2.50 a pack and I used not even a quarter of the pack. Candles, Ikea also, though I cannot remember how much they cost. Votive holder, $1.29 for a pack of 4. I want to put two votive holders with candles in front of each place setting. Don’t mind my construction paper placemats, I just wanted to have the illusion of an orange tablecloth, which is the color I want. Also not to be minded is the paper towel napkins– again , this is for the illusion, people! The big center vase was $2.99 from Michael’s. I will grand total this up eveuntally, but I still think it is cheaper than whatever my wedding planner quoted me and it fits Ok and I more than anything she has offered so far.

What do you think?

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super modern wedding

I love this idea. Does anyone know what those balls of flowers are called? I’d like to toss some in the pool. Speaking of the pool, I am still not sure which area of this massive villa we are going to use for the ceremony. There’s a pool, there’s gardens, there’s a great lawn, there’s a veranda, there’s a bridge, there’s tons of places! I think the pool idea is best because of the view it offers downtown. And I could DIY the pictured flower balls using foam and silk flowers? Zazzles, wanna head down to Michael’s and test it out for me?

Anyways, the pic:

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cute favor idea


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more flowers, more colorful centerpieces, cute flower favors




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