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How-To: DIY Embossed Escort Cards


pre-cut business card printer paper
font you like (i chose porcelain)
stamp you like
embossing powder (white in my case, used with orange ink– white almost always looks better than the colored powder when you use colored ink, which i think is better than using the clear embossing only ink)
embossing tool

Use the business card template advertised on the package of business card paper.  It should be available for a free download, or already in your MS Word Template list.
Center the names.
Stamp wherever you would like on the card with colored ink.
Shake the embossing powder over the ink>
Remove excess.
Place the embossing tool over the powder, far enough away that it does not burn your hands.
I liked to stamp a bunch at once and then emboss a bunch at once.  

It really is very easy– the sand part is  that I never used my cards because we had a hurricane and I had to get married a day early and none of the preparations went exactly as planned!  I’ll save that for another day as this is my first post in over a year… Hope this info helps!


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